Two beautiful tourist places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona was a fishing district. Now it has become a very good tourist spot where a lot of visitors visit.

The Olympic Games were held there in 1992. This made the place more important and only after these lots of people started visiting this place. Now this place is filled with shops, clubs and restaurants. The night life here is very famous. Every adult who has visited this place would have definitely had a glimpse of the night life here. Here we will read more about the tourist’s spots in this place.

There is the Platja beach. This has a lot of restaurants that offer seafood. One can see a lot of palm trees here in this beach. Behind the beach are some streets which date back to the eighteenth century. Also there is a park here.

Port olimpic

There is a sculpture called the copper fish which is very famous here. This is an amazing place to have fun. There are a lot of restaurants in the beach side where one can have a lovely view of the water and dine. The night time is the best time to visit these places as they are very trendy and exciting. There is also a museum which is there in the palace of sea. This was once a warehouse but now it is very modern and is full of the city’s history. One can also find lot restaurants that offer very tasty and good food around the museum.

Port vell

This was the old harbor of the Barcelona city. It underwent a major change during 1992 when the Olympic Games were held. But now this place is very modern where one can find a lot of boats and yachters and boats. One can go for a ride and also have a glimpse of the old harbor. One can see the La Rambla that is just opposite to the harbor. The la Rambla is one of the amazing tourist’s spots t there.

It is a place worth visiting and one should definitely not miss a walk at the La Rambla.

Barcelona has one of the largest aquariums in Europe. One can also find the IMAX cinemas at villa huren spanje. There are also a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars. There is also a world trade centre nearby. It is a commercial centre and there is also a five star hotel there. One can also take the cable cars that are there to go from one beach to the other.


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